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How To View or Download Instagram Profile Picture In Full Size?

  • First, Open Instagram's website.
  • Open the Instagram profile of the targeted user whose profile picture you want to download.
  • Copy the Username from the URL of the web browser else remember the IG Username.
  • Type or Paste username in the above search box.
  • Click the Search button and wait few seconds.
  • Click Download to save it in your Mobile or PC. lets you see any user's Insta DP in full size without any hassle. Our InstaDP & viewer website is a free service that helps you to download or view anyone's Instagram profile picture or stories in very high-quality (HD). You can search for any Instagram account from millions of profiles in no time- even you can view private profiles too!

As you know that while browsing the other Instagram profiles we can only view a small size of instadp and we cannot view it in full size just like we did it with Facebook profiles. Our Instadp downloader and instadp stories downloader tool let you view profile picture in its actual size like it was uploaded by the original Instagram user. Soon we will launch our Instagram dp viewer app for Android and iOS users for quicker searching and HD Pictures.

In the meantime, you can use our website for quick search. Our insta dp viewer tool is user-friendly and works great on all most every platform no matter which device you are using Windows, Android, iOS, it gives you a great experience everywhere.

Instagram profile picture full size

Our native insta profile search engine lets you find any Instagram profile even if you don't know their exact username. You can find your desired insta profile and dp in seconds from over 800 million active Instagram users even their profile is private.

The Goal of our Insta Dp Downloader Site

The purpose of our Insta DP website is pretty simple we want you to view any profile picture in its original size. We also want you to show a pic of the stranger that trying to follow you on Instagram but you cannot further investigate them because of their private profile.

When you search any profile through our website you will see Insta DP in its actual size and you can download it too. Once you see full insta profile picture you can take a decision whether you should accept his/her request or not. another Fun part is that you can view your crush's dp in full size too ;).

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We suggest you bookmark our site for future use so you can easily view any Instagram dp from anywhere anytime. We hope that you really enjoyed our instadp viewer and downloader tool. In case you face any trouble or have any suggestions or questions about this software let us know and contact us.

Important Note: Please bear in mind that we do not host any of the Instagram stories on our website and we are not affiliated with Instagram.